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Sharry and LinkedIn Talk about Workplace Experience Trends

Sharry’s Country Manager for the US, Kevin Wilhelm, has recently sat down with PlaceTech and Victor Sanchez, LinkedIn’s Sr. Director and Head of Global Design and Build, to talk about current workplace experience trends.

This topic is especially relevant as companies are working on reshaping workplace policies tied to company culture and employee expectations in a post-pandemic world.

How are enterprises working on retaining and attracting talent, increasing productivity, and ensuring efficient business operations? What roles does technology play in this equation? You can listen to the podcast in this post and together with PlaceTech, we have also outlined key takeaways below.

  • 20-30% of people coming back to the office.
  • Hallway conversations before and after the meeting are important. People calling in remotely on video don’t get that level of information - there is an opportunity for tech to fix that problem.
  • LinkedIn is seeing that people want to be with their teams but they are not collaborating for eight hours.
  • Onboarding remotely means pieces of the process and culture have been lost compared to people joining a company in the office. We are going to see remote work affect performance. Community is going to be something employers look closely at and push forward on.
  • Sharry’s top tip for selecting tech partners: buy solutions that are cloud-based, not stored on premises in server racks. This will allow them to be more scalable, updated faster and produce better data analytics than on-premises versions.
  • LinkedIn found that the reasons why people want to come to the office are amenities, collaboration, and community.

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