PropTech News by Sharry: Data Insights, 24 High-Rises, Apple's Innovation and Coliving

Summer used to be the traditional out-of-office period. Well, times have changed… Some fortune-tellers predict September to be the breakpoint when employees will return to work. We will help you to manage their office comeback swiftly and safely. And you will also find the latest PropTech news in our Sharry newsletter, including Apple's raid on the market, key challenges for coliving, or "building of the month", that we fell in love with. So, have a coffee and check this out!

What's going on in your building? 🤔

We've just launched a brand new analytical platform called INSIGHTS to give all property, facility, and asset managers a beneficial overview of what's happening in their building (or even across a property portfolio). Our tool analyzes the most relevant data related to building occupancy or utilization of all shared services incl. parking and it helps managers to manage office comeback swiftly.

Apple made a step in PropTech

Is Apple developing an access control category killer? The California-based tech giant revealed the new features of the iOS 15. It will enable iPhone users to save their plastic office badges (as well as home or hotel keys) directly into the digital Wallet through the iOS update. CONTINUE READING

Three main challenges for coliving

New business model, a shift in ownership, and operational excellence through technology. These are the three main drivers behind a transformation of the coliving concept to be the mainstream standard in the residential market. READ MORE

24 High-Rises. Delivered

In Q2 2021 we finished the delivery of our smart access platform across the portfolio of 24 high-rise buildings in Manhattan, NYC developed by SL Green Realty Corp. We’ve also contributed to the case study describing the technology stack deployed by various partners for the flagship of this project, the premium high-rise One Vanderbilt. If you’re interested, ask our colleague Vlad Masinsky to share it with you. GET THE COPY

Fresh news from the Sharry product

  • 🍒 Faster administration.
    It may be under the hood, but we’ve made significant improvements with the goal to make our web administration even faster.
  • 🍒 More secure guestbook.
    Self-checking on a Sharry Kiosk tablet app is fast and effective. And now even more secure. The Kiosk is supported on buildings with 2-factor authentication turned on (buildings that require email code on top of username and password for enhanced security).
  • 🍒 Reservations calendar.
    Manage upcoming reservations with ease with a new visual calendar. It gives all managers a quick weekly overview of which assets are reserved at what time.

Sharry's Digest: Invest in reading

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The building we fell in love with...

Skanska has begun the construction of its newest office development project in Bellevue, Washington. The tower called “The Eight” is planned as a 25-floor office high-rise and it will include 540,000 square feet of premium office space. The project is scheduled to be completed in Q4 2023.

Image by usa.skanska.com
Image by usa.skanska.com
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