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Office Building ORGANICA in Ostrava to Use Smart Software from Sharry

Set to be completed in 2023, the administrative building ORGANICA will become one of the smartest office buildings in the Moravian-Silesian region. The digitalization and implementation of communication tools is led by Sharry whose workplace experience platform is also used in New York's skyscrapers. At ORGANICA, Sharry is connecting a tenant engagement mobile application with smart parking and visitor management system.

Developed by Contera, ORGANICA is an administrative building in the heart of Ostrava. Upon its completion, it will also be known as a “smart building”, with up to 2,500 users  being able to utilize a unique software by Sharry. Through the mobile app as the key element of the workplace ecosystem, they will unlock their premium offices and also other services and amenities in the building and nearby.

Rather than using plastic cards, employees will unlock lobby turnstiles and doors in shared spaces with their smartphones or smartwatches. With one click they can reserve a parking spot, meeting room, or order food. At the same time, the application will connect them with businesses in the area that can send them special offers or alert them to their daily menu offerings.

The Organica smart mobile application was designed to enhance the workplace experience and connect all amenities and digital services available in the building.
ORGANICA is a unique emerging project in Ostrava, Czech Republic which will offer 25,545 sqm of office, retail and other spaces.

“From the beginning, we have considered ORGANICA to be an extremely friendly building, both for its users and for the environment. Apart from using the software from Sharry, users will also find charging stations for their electric cars and bikes and make use of USB charging stations located on benches in the atrium. Air distribution is handled by an intelligent system and the building’s heating system will be automatically regulated based on the season and weather forecast due to a meteostation on site. ORGANICA is designed to be environmentally friendly and partially self-sufficient due to a system that will utilize rainwater for irrigation, as well as the use of solar panels,” said Martin Budina, Project Director at Contera.

“ORGANICA is one of the most significant projects for redefining the new face of Ostrava. We are excited that Sharry is supporting the development with the latest technology that is being used around the world in cities like New York, Chicago, Warsaw, and Budapest. I see Sharry as a technological platform that perfectly compliments the high caliber development and excellent architecture of ORGANICA,” said David Hartl, Head of Sales and Business Development at Sharry.

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ORGANICA is offering 25,545 sqm of office, retail, and multi-use space. The 6-floors project features a stylish reception that dominates the shared areas on the ground floor. Utilizing the software from Sharry, the building's main reception can also be set into a self-service mode which allows for guest registration without the need to interact with lobby reception staff.

Invited guests will be able to reserve a parking spot online. They will receive a special QR code over an email that serves as a one-time ticket to open the ground floor turnstiles in common areas – no need for a plastic card or printed guestpass. Guests can also register themselves into a visitors’ guest book at the building’s common reception the same way they do self-service check-in at the airport and proceed straight to the tenant's reception.

Building administrators will make use of a central web administration from Sharry where they can assign access with one click, as well as monitor the use of the space or building occupancy. The detailed data collection enables effective operations in the building that has been awarded a prestigious ecological certification BREEAM Excellent.

Each part of the building is perfectly thought out both in terms of layout and the technologies used. ORGANICA thus offers an above-standard working environment.


Tietoevry, a Finish IT software and service company providing IT and product engineering services globally, will be one of the main tenants at ORGANICA, with its Czech office located in the smart building.

“ORGANICA and Tietoevry have a mutual goal to innovate which is illustrated by the fact that our employees were involved in the design of the office space. We believe that the horizontally designed building will allow for the team to be “closer” to each other which translates into collaboration, new ideas and innovation. The building’s technology will also help us to collaborate with people who are not at the office at the same time,” said Jana Krajcarová, HR manager at Tietoevry.

ORGANICA offers spacious and bright offices designed to create the perfect working environment.


Do you want to know more details about smart workplace platform developed for the ORGANICA office building? Let us know or schedule a meeting and we'll be more than happy to share more details on a call.

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