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Mobile access as the key ingredient for return to work

The real estate industry is in the midst of exciting change. Prior to 2020, it was already in the evolutionary process of redefining systems and operations for a new generation of technological advancement, and “disruption” became the watchword.

In the following series, we would like to discuss one desired feature which can easily mitigate the perception of tenants and users and fulfill the new type of expectations.

We see a great increase in the adoption of advanced security technology in the commercial real estate market. According to HID Global’s 2021 State of Physical Access Control Report, the speed of secure technology adoption is accelerating. In 2020, 58 percent of respondents’ companies had deployed at least one form of more secure credentialing technology.

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Source: The 2021 State of Physical Access Control Report, HID Gobal, Report available HERE

Mobile access technology is perceived as non-intrusive, easy to adopt as the smartphone simply brings access into the hands of employees. While the increasing number of companies plan to use new secure solutions, the unprecedented events in 2020 flagged new vulnerabilities and demands of security systems. There has been an increase from tenants to see the rapid Improvements to secure access infrastructure while introducing user-friendly technology for a flexible working environment.

As the confidence to “return to work” became a new challenge for the commercial real estate owners, we focus the following series on one part of the technology which can make a significant difference in perception of the workplace as a safe and clean place to actually conduct business, collaborate and meet colleagues and enjoy the workplace.

There have been major steps forward in the industry’s embrace of technology solutions (including also the tech giants like Apple announcing support of the corporate badges through its digital Wallet in iOS 15 update) , but there is still a major disconnect between education, interest, and adoption.

The soup-to-nuts solution is still dependent on collaboration between a variety of actors in the supply chain and we would like to focus on removing some of the myths and outline the easiness to adopt these new features enabling frictionless people flow — Mobile access, smooth and pleasant visitor management, phone operated connected elevators — all brought to users in a friendly mobile app.

Written by Vlad Masinsky, Head Of Business Development at Sharry
Mobile Access — An integrated part of the Sharry’s Smart access platform for any office building.
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