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Marc Delacroix Joins Management Team of Sharry

Marc Delacroix has joined European startup Sharry as a Chief Growth Officer. In his role, he is primarily responsible for marketing, optimization and automation of processes and cooperation between teams. His position was created in reaction to a rapid growth of the company. Marc Delacroix brings years of experience from three international tech startups, two of them successfully sold to large international corporations.

Located in Prague, Sharry creates software for modern offices and office buildings with more than 160 000 users globally. Sharry’s target markets are the USA, UK and EU. The company has previously received investment from Czech venture capital firms Presto Ventures and J&T Ventures.

Sharry has been experiencing rapid global growth and the company is currently preparing for Series A investment round with involvement of international investors. At the same time, Sharry has been gaining on popularity in the Czech market, with recent inclusion in the TOP30 most popular Czech startups (as selected by magazine CzechCrunch), as well as receiving multiple international accolades.

Marc Delacroix studied Computer Science at British Teesside University. In his previous roles, he has been involved in product development, marketing, strategy and streamlining of company processes. He started his career as a programmer and graphic designer already in high school. After completing his university degree, he advised Škoda Auto with global marketing,  handled strategy for American marketing agency Fallon, was a Chief Operating and Marketing Officer at Czech startup Storyours, Chief Operating Officer at Czech startup Woltair and most recently a Chief Operating Officer at Silicon Valley startup Sapho which was sold to a tech giant Citrix for $200 million.

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Marc, why did you join Sharry?

The founders were the main reason. We were introduced by Přemysl Rubeš from Presto Ventures, Sharry’s first investor, who I met on the board of Woltair, where I was invited by Pavel Mucha from Enern. Once introduced to Sharry, it was a quick “fit” when it came to company objectives and my professional experience.

It also resonated with me that all four of Sharry founders are still at the company and create a strong team. It’s a group of friends who decided to build a company together. Many startups have founders who do not know each other for a long time and that usually does not last. A strong founding team is vital for investors, and that’s exactly what’s happening at Sharry - the company’s founders are close and they have been able to hire a strong team of experts for key positions, even before I joined the company.

What do you like about the product that Sharry is building?

PropTech is an industry that has only recently seen massive growth. Companies are still looking for a product-market fit and that gives brands space to be the standard. It’s a battle still to be won.

The product is meant for a range of users, which can be a challenge for both the product and marketing teams, however, we have been the first ones to solve these challenges compared to our competition. It’s definitely very different from building a new eCommerce project. On the other hand, it’s a global B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) which is something that I was involved in in my previous roles.

What are your personal goals at Sharry?

As Chief Growth Officer,  I am primarily responsible for the growth of MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) and our customer base. I am working on building leads through inbound and outbound communications and channel marketing. It’s important to understand what our customers and business partners need in order to design effective marketing campaigns for the product.

At the same time, there is a need to optimize and automate business processes to ensure progressive brand growth, and at the same time consider the growth of our team. Typically, this involves CRM, automated Google/Facebook/email campaigns, project management system and flexible and conversion-based web, and connecting all of these systems together.

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