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Listen Now: The Role of Technology in Workplace Experience in 2023

Kevin Wilhelm, Country Manager at Sharry, joins Eric Dye representing Enterprise Radio to discuss the workplace trends in 2023 and the role of technology in maximising engagement and productivity. Put on your headphones and listen to the latest podcast episode!

To kick off 2023, Sharry’s Country Manager Kevin Wilhelm talked with Enterprise Podcast Network about workplace trends in 2023 and ways technology will influence employee engagement and productivity. In the podcast, Kevin answers the following questions:

  • You talk about workplace experience – what trends are you seeing in this space and what is the role of technology?
  • Hybrid work is a widely discussed term due to the pandemic. Can you explain how you see enterprises defining what it means?
  • What factors do enterprises and developers need to take into account when choosing technology partners that will help them resolve their needs when it comes to upgrading their spaces?
  • What role does data play in all this and how are enterprises evaluating ROI?

Kevin Wilhelm is a Country Manager at Sharry and has more than 10 years of experience providing clients with innovative and effective solutions for their system integration needs. At Sharry, Wilhelm is supporting the brand’s operations in the US and Canada, ensuring customers’ satisfaction, supporting partners, and working with clients on new businesses.

Do you want to upgrade your workplace experience through NFC employee badges or the easy-to-use visitor management system? Get in touch with Kevin!

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