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Insights: Manage office comeback swiftly. Based on real data analytics

Sharry, a software company developing a smart access platform for A-class office buildings, has released Insights. The new analytics platform is designed for property and asset managers to understand in great depth what’s going on in their building (or even across a portfolio of buildings) and to set up daily operations properly based on relevant data from various end-points.

This new feature will help managers to react flexibly during the post-pandemic era and, at the same time, to be fully compatible with the main building’s safety & health procedures.

Landlords and property managers (PM) now gain a complete overview of what’s happening in the building. Not only at a specific time, but — what is even more worthy — to get a long-term perspective that could reveal numerous trends. Sharry Insights offers managers a unified platform that provides them access to data capturing real building operations and it helps them to re-evaluate their property setting to be as effective as possible.

“We’re not just displaying data from multiple sources, but we put them in context and time frame to add another analytic level to help property managers understand them. That’s why we call this new feature — Insights,” explains Josef Šachta, CEO and co-founder of Sharry.
Quick overview, long term trends, key analysis and metrics… All relevant data and insight integrated to Sharry solution. Source: Sharry
Source: Sharry
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All-in-one data solution

Sharry focuses on the commercial real estate market and is an expert in the integration of stand-alone property software into a single, easy-to-use interface. The same principle applies to Insights. “We can merge data across different access control systems (ACS), visitor management systems, or from community mobile app available for all building’s occupants. Shortly, we’ll also link up data from parking management software or facility maintenance requests,” describes Ondřej Langr, Head of Product at Sharry.

So what are the specific situations where PMs can appreciate the benefits of this new data tool? Let’s go through an example: Are there occupants coming back to your building? Instead of asking tenants what’s their experience, rely on relevant data — the right metric is counting swipes in the lobby to measure the daily traffic, including all building occupants and visitors. Based on the results and analysis you can re-arrange the elevator set-up to avoid unwanted cumulation of people in front of them.

If you see an increasing trend in building occupancy, that’s a significant insight for facility services, but also valuable input for the building’s restaurant to respond to the changing behavior. Or is there a noticeable drop down in the number of guests every Friday? Well, maybe think of the reception operations changes then…

Every tracked metric is open to set an alert on KPI change (see screenshot below). To explain that in a demo situation: The building’s operations are scheduled to 30% occupancy rate. If more people are coming, you’ll immediately receive an e-mail with a notification for a quick and safe response.

You can easily set an email alert for every tracked metric. Source: Sharry

Long-waited benefits

As Ondřej Langr from Sharry also states, Insights brings a range of long-waited benefits to PMs, asset managers, and landlords. Just to name a few:

  • Understand what is happening in the building at any specific time and be able to react flexibly.
  • Promptly change the building’s daily operations to be cost-effective and address desired standards.
  • Manage the office re-population after the pandemic. Monitor, analyze, and respond quickly.
  • Building occupancy analysis as an indicator of tenant’s satisfaction and source for lease renewal.
  • Detailed analysis of premium service usage — e.g. mobile access (per building, per tenant). Based on data, not assumptions.
  • The simplified billing process for the use of various amenities — e.g. parking spaces utilization.
  • Save your time! Through the integration of various systems into one digital platform. No need to buy and install any new sensors and software. What used to take a few hours and switch between different programs can now be done in 10 minutes. Just with one click and one dashboard.
One Vanderbilt, high-rise in NYC opened in September 2020, is equipped with the smart access solution and tenant engagement app deployed by Sharry. Photo by Max Touhey/SL Green Realty Corp.

According to EY Global Real Estate, data analytics should be at the heart of every real estate company’s technology strategy. “Buildings already have a huge amount of data generated from their operation but it’s a pain to download, convert, compare and share different data sets from a suite of sources. Sharry Insights offers a turning point for how to see and understand all building’s operational data in one place,” concludes Ondřej Langr, Head of product at Sharry.

People are ready to return to the office. ––– Are you ready to manage the office comeback?

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