Junior QA Engineer

Prague, Czech Republic

Are you tired of the development of products that remain on screen and play a marginal role in people’s lives and would rather do something with great potential, that no one else is doing? 

We create a product through which users interact with the real world - a mobile app in users’ pockets that opens the lobby turnstiles, TV screens in the lobby, parking navigation screens, and others are all touchpoints we would like you to work on.‍


Q: What does your development flow look like?

A: We are using the Agile methodology. So before every sprint, we are grooming all tasks together. After our developers finish their task they would create a merge request (MR) on GitLab and their code would be reviewed by senior colleagues. After their approval, they can merge their code to a sprint branch and deploy it to our staging. Now is time for our QA team. If everything is working as expected the developer´s part is done. If not he has to fix the bug, create MR, and everything goes back to QA again. This repeats until our testers are satisfied.

Q: Do I need to know the automated testing for this role?

A: No, we are searching for manual tester with analytical thinking and proactive approach. But in case you are interested - we are using Cypress for end-to-end and regression testing.

Q: What will I be testing?

A: Web, android and iOS applications. API testing using Postman, integration testing using our partners systems. 

Q: How big is your DEV + QA team?

A: We are 11 developers, 2 product owners and 2 manual testers.

What we expect:

- Previous experience in:

  • manual testing (web/mobile applications)
  • writing your own test scenarios
  • creation of test documentation and reports
  • Kibana, TestRail and Postman (as an advantage)

- Analytical and systematic thinking

- Ability to work independently as well as in a team

What we offer:

  • Flexible working hours, remote work possibility ⏰
  • Pleasant working environment, free company culture 🤟
  • Smart HQ offices powered by Sharry located nearby Anděl subway station in Prague 🏙
  • Free parking for your car or bike (+ even a shower) 🚘
  • Dell/MacBook laptop, a company phone 💻
  • 5 weeks of vacation, 6 sick days per year 🏝
  • Complimentary fruits & healthy snacks in the office 🍒
  • Company breakfasts, Sharry Beer events, parties, team-building sessions 🎈
  • Off-work activities 🏞
  • Free tickets to public events (theatre, cinema, escape games, ice skating, and more) 🎭
  • Multisport card ⚽️

What do we do in Sharry?

  • We basically develop a mobile app that replaces plastic badges to open turnstiles and doors.
  • It doesn't sound like rocket science, right? But through this app users can also enter the parking, book a meeting room, order food at work, grant access to guests…
  • Our solution is used daily in large enterprises like Deloitte, Erste Group, Dell, and Citibank.

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