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Internet of Things expands your agility and control.

Do you want to increase a productivity and health of your people? Save energy and reduce operating costs? Or maximize the utilization of your physical assets and infrastructure while extending their useful life?

Practical implementation of IoT can achieve all of these things – and we can help you get there. We make sense of IoT.


Improve the productivity and useful lifetime of your assets by continually optimizing operations.


Optimize energy usage based on data about the real operating conditions of your business.


Maximize the productive potential of people and assets with a healthy and sustainable environment.


Maximize human potential by providing the data and automation necessary to eliminate wasted effort.

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Why Sharry?

Integrated with your current access control system
Manage everything from one place
One product, any building, any office, anywhere
Compliant with all
US & EU data regulations
Ready for hybrid & flexible workplace

Installation process

Install Sharry server physically in your buidling
Connect it to the network and you access system control
Integrated with your
Manage everything from one place
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