Quick and secure
Mobile Access

  • Embrace the mobile-only future
  • Grant access remotely within one minute
  • Cooperate with the trusted partner of tech leaders

Use your mobile phone as the key to your workplace.

Enjoy access
like never before

Virtual access card in your smartphone

Quick onboarding of new users

Elevator management

Combined community app with mobile credentials solutions from established vendors

Fast onboarding

Simple user management

You can add new users one-by-one or import them in a batch, grant them rights and always have a comprehensive overview in our website administration.

Easy and fast – all within a few clicks.

Property manager distributes number of building access permissions to tenants. But tenants can assign (and also remove) virtual cards to concrete employees easily and remotely themselves.

Powerful hierarchy of access distribution.

To be or
not to be: green

Still on the fence?

We meet you where you are: go green by adopting solely virtual card use – to the soul satisfaction of users; or keep your standard plastic cards.

What you get

  • mobile credentials
  • simple enrollment
  • secure product
  • centralization
  • access control system integration
  • flexibility
  • remote management
  • easy distribution
  • reliable tech partner
  • cool & functional features
  • user convenience
  • cost effectiveness
  • operational efficiency
  • scalability
  • award-winning solution
  • tenant interest
  • elevator management
  • verification
  • smarter experience
  • user-friendly interface

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