Frontend Developer

Prague, Czech Republic

Are you tired of programming experiences that remain on screen and play a marginal role in people’s lives and would rather do something with great potential, that no one else is doing? We create a product through which users interact with the real world - a mobile app in users’ pockets that opens the lobby turnstiles, TV screens in the lobby, parking navigation screens, and others are all touchpoints we would like you to work on.

About our Dev Stack

Programming languages: Javascript

Framework: Vue.js (v2)

Preprocessors: Sass, Typescript

Tests: Jest, Cypress

Bundler: Webpack

DevOps: Git (GitLab), Docker (Kubernetes cluster on AWS)

Operations: Slack, G Suite, Redmine

Flow: Agile (scrum)


Q: What does your development flow look like?
A: We are using the Agile methodology. So before every sprint we are grooming all tasks together. After you finish your task you will create a merge request (MR) on GitLab and your colleagues will review your code. If everything is fine and you get an approval you can merge your code to a sprint branch and deploy to our staging. Now is time for our QA testers. If everything is working as expected you’re done here. If not you will fix a bug, create MR and back to the QA again. This repeats until our testers are satisfied.

Q: How do you handle technical debt?
A: Our Frontend chapter has regular meetings where we plan how to lower our technical debt. We have a list of our technical debt and if there is free time we grab some TD task from our backlog and fix it. 

Q: What is your attitude in case of testing?
A: We are using Vue Test Utils and Jest for unit testing and Cypress E2E and regression testing.

Q: How big is your dev team?
A: We are 20 developers, but our Frontend team is currently two and a half men.

Q: How can you help me grow professionally?
A: We have a great team of experienced developers willing you to help or guide you. We are working with modern techstack. And also you will have access to online and offline courses also you can visit related conferences and meetups. 

What we expect:

  • At least 1 year of experience in frontend development in Javascript
  • Detailed knowledge of the core frontend technologies HTML 5 and CSS 3
  • Comfortable using a Git workflow

If you are interested in the offer, write us a few words about yourself or send a sample code via our contact form below!

What we offer:

  • Off-work activities 🏞
  • Flexible working hours, remote work possibility ⏰
  • Smart HQ offices located nearby Anděl subway station in Prague powered by Sharry 🏙
  • Pleasant working environment, free company culture 🤟
  • Free parking for your car or bike (+ even shower) 🚘
  • Part-time/Full-time upon agreement ✅
  • Dell / MacBook computer, company phone 💻
  • 5 weeks of vacation, 2 sick days per year 🏝
  • Office yoga every Wednesday 🧘
  • Free fruits & healthy snacks in the office 🍒
  • Company breakfasts, Sharry Beer events, parties, team-building sessions 🎈
  • Free tickets to public events (theatre, cinema, escape games, ice skating, and more) 🎭
  • Multisport card ⚽️

What do we do in Sharry?

  • We develop a mobile app that replaces plastic badges to open turnstiles and doors.
  • It doesn't sound like rocket science, right? But through this app users can also enter the parking, book a meeting room, order food at work, grant access to guests…
  • Our solution is used daily in large enterprises like Deloitte, Erste Group, Dell, and Citibank.

The foundations of the “smart building” called Sharry were laid by 4 enthusiasts back in 2016. Together they built the software solution for all new office buildings developed by Skanska in Central Europe. And soon after Sharry won a tender to become a technology partner for NYC's largest commercial landlord. The company has received two investments to reinforce its position as a global PropTech company of 45+ talented professionals based in Prague HQ, Warsaw, New York, Boston,...

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