help tenants with a safe
office comeback

  • Prevent
  • Monitor
  • Respond

Digitize your building and set a new workplace standard allowing tenants to return safely.

As companies develop their plans to return to the workplace, our set of software solutions and touch-free innovations help them accelerate their reopening strategy. The reality is, employees will not be returning to the office until they feel safe. Ease their worries through health measures, real-time monitoring, and adopting new technologies for a quick and safe response.

Prevent risky
visitors from entering

A simple question can go a long way. Whether or not it is a legal requirement to ask in your country/area, a simple question (or few) will help to ensure potentially risky individuals stay home.

Help tenants to prevent risky
employees from entering

Provide tenants with an easy tool for real-time health questionnaires. How does it work?

  • All users can fill-in the declaration before entering the building.
  • Tenants can easily identify employees who were in the office and didn’t fill-in the declaration.
  • Property managers and tenants know when the office gets crowded.

Prevent touching
shared surfaces

Bring your tenants and visitors a safer building experience without redevelopment. How?

Monitor building &
tenant occupancy

Equipped the building with a data-driven system for capacity management to ensure social distance inside. Know when it gets crowded by monitoring building & tenant space occupancy. Provide tenants with real-time analytics, too. No mailing reports back & forth.

Respond to incidents

How else can
we help?

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